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SIVACON S8 Under license of Siemens download

Cost-eficient system

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution board sets new standards

as a power distribution board or Motor Control Center (MCC) for industrial applications or in infrastructure. The power distribution board system up to 7,000 A for the simple and consistent distribution of power guarantees maximum personal and system safety and, thanks to its optimal design, offers a wide range of possible uses. Thanks to the modular technology, the power distribution board can be optimally adapted to every requirement when designing the complete system. With its combination of maximum safety and a modern design, the system offers a highly cost-ef?cient solution.

Flexible solutions

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution board is the intelligent solution which can be adapted to match your requirements. The well thought- out design of the system allows it to be integrated perfectly into a modern room concept. The section, either single- or double-fronted, can be installed together with a main busbar system or back-to-

back with a separate main busbar system. Different installation designs can be combined in one section with ease. The ?exible, modular technology allows for the simple exchange or addition of functional units. The SIVACON S8 modular components undergo a continuous innovation process, thereby ensuring the highest possible level of technical progress for the complete system.

Tested safety

SIVACON S8 stands for the highest level of safety. The low-voltage power distribution board is a design-tested power switchgear and control gear assembly with a design veri?cation based on testing. Evidence of its physical properties has been provided in the product testing department under both operating and fault conditions. An arcing-resistant locking system also ensures maximum personal safety. Furthermore, even with the standard design, veri?cation of testing under arcing conditions is in accordance with IEC 61641.


SIVACON S8 can be used at all application levels in the low-voltage network . Power center or secondary unit substation. Main switchboard or main distribution board

Sub distributionboard, motor control center, distribution board for installation devices or industrial us.

Advantages of Modular Design

Every SIVACON S8 switchboard is manufactured of demand-oriented, standardised, and series-produced modules. All modules are tested and of a high quality. Virtually every requirement can be satisfied due to the manifold module combination possibilities. Adaptations to new performance requirements can easily and rapidly be implemented by replacing or adding modules.The advantages offered by this modular concept are clear:


  • Verification of safety and quality for every switchboard
  • Fulfilment of each and every requirement profile combined with the high quality of series production
  • Easy placement of repeat orders and short delivery time

Standardes and Approvales

Technical Data

System configuration and cubicle design

When the system configuration is planned, the following :


  • Single-front or double-front design characteristics must be specified.
  • Cable/busbar entry (from the top or bottom).
  • Busbar position (top, rear top, rear bottom, or both rear .
  • Connection in cubicle (front or rear) top and rear bottom).

Circuit Breaker System

The cubicles for 3W. and 3V. circuit-breakers ensure both personal safety and long-term operational safety (Fig. 3/1). The incoming, outgoing and coupling units in circuit-breaker design are equipped with 3W. air circuit-breakers (ACB) in withdrawable or fixed-mounted design or alternatively with 3V. moulded-case circuit-breakers (MCCB) (Tab. 3/1).

The cubicle dimensions are tailored to the circuit-breaker sizes and can be selected according to the individual requirements. The circuit-breaker design provides optimal connect conditions for every

nominal current range. In addition to cable connections, the system also provides design-verified connections to SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems.

Universal mounting design

The universal mounting design of SIVACON S8 switch of the boards allows outgoing feeders in withdrawable design, fixed-mounted design and plug-in design .

Withdrawable design - standard

Withdrawable unit compartment in SFD

The vertical distribution busbar is covered test finger proofed (IP2X). Phase separation is possible. No connection work is required in the compartment . The internal separation options up to form 4b lead to a high degree of personal safety. Connection is effected in a separate cable connection compartment.

Withdrawable design - high feature design (HFD)

The withdrawable units provide a mobile, wear-resistant contact system. Disconnected, test and connected position can be effected by moving the contacts without moving the withdrawable unit behind the closed compartment door . Moving the contacts unit under load is prevented by an maloperation protection. The degree of protection is kept in every position. In the disconnected position, all withdrawable unit parts such as the contacts are located within the device contour and are protected against damage.

Withdrawable units are available as small withdrawable units (size ½ and ¼) and as normal withdrawable units . The withdrawable units of all sizes provide a uniform user interface.

In addition to the main switch, the individual positions can be locked. Controls and signalling devices are installed in an instrument panel. All withdrawable units are equipped with up to 40 auxiliary contacts.


Withdrawable unit compartment in HFD

The vertical distribution busbar is covered test finger proofed (IP2X). Phase separation is possible. No connection work is required in the compartment . The internal separation options up to form 4b lead to a high degree of personal safety.

For small withdrawable units, an adapter plate is mounted at the top of the compartment . The tap-off openings for the input contacts of the withdrawable units in the compartment can be equipped with shutters. The shutters are opened automatically when the withdrawable unit is inserted into the compartment.

Connection is effected in a separate cable connection compartment.

The rated current for auxiliary contacts is:

6 A (250 V)   for small withdrawable units.

10 A (250 V)   for normal withdrawable units.

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electrokavir's manufacturing units possess the modern facilities and equipments of technical and manufacturing tools