Oil & Gas


Abadan Oil refinery

Abadan Oil Refinery The Abadan Oil Refinery symbolizes the power and stability of Iran. A refinery is an industrial plant where crude oil is converted into more useful and versatile...

نفت تبریز

Tabriz Oil Refinery

Tabriz Oil Refining Company has now allocated a share of about 7 percent of the crude oil refining capacity of the whole country by turning it into original and special...

نفت کرمانشاه

Kermanshah Oil refinery

 واحدهای تولیدی : Atmospheric distillation, liquefied gas, naphtha and kerosene nitrogen treatments, fixed bed catalytic conversion, pentane and side units

نفت اصفهان

Isfahan Oil Refinery

Isfahan Refinery is one of the largest refineries in Iran and is considered as the first refinery in the country in terms of variety of oil products production.


Bid Boland Gas Refinery

Shazand Arak Petrochemical Company is one of the largest producers of polymer products and chemicals, as well as one of the most important infrastructure projects in Iran, which was approved...

SHH 1630

Bid Boland Gas Refinery

Bidbland gas refinery is located 32 km west of Behbahan, 18 km north of Aghajari and 35 km southeast of Omidiye city in Khuzestan province, whose shares belong to Persian...