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Medium Voltage -MV- Switchgear, Air Insulated, up to 17.5 KV


Typical Uses
The SIMOPRIME circuit-breaker switchgear can be used in transformer and switching substations, e.g.:

Application: Power supply system
Power supply companies
Application: Industry
Power stations
Cement industry
Automobile industry
Iron and steel works
Rolling mills
Mining industry
Textile, paper and food Industries
Chemical industry
Petroleum industry
Pipeline installations
Offshore installations
Electrochemical plants
Petrochemical plants
Shipbuilding industry
Diesel power plants
Emergency power supply installations
Lignite open-cast mines
Traction power supplies

Benefits and Features

Benefit Features
Saves lives All switching operations including emergency manual operations with high-voltage door closed
Interlocking between high-voltage door and switching devices
Rack-in, rack-out operations of the circuit-breaker truck with high voltage door closed
Metallic, earthed shutters and partitions, partition class: PM
Use of vacuum circuit-breakers
Peace of mind Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62 271-200
Type testing of the circuit-breaker inside the panel
Use of standard, worldwide available components
Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers
Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001
Design based on global best practice sharing and experience
Increases productivity Use of metallic, earthed shutters and partitions between the compartments ensures highest service
continuity of the switchgear (LSC2B according to IEC 62 271-200) during maintenance
Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers
Saves money Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers



The circuit-breaker switchgear type SIMOPRIME is a factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear for indoor installation according to IEC 62271-200 and VDE 0671-200.

Classification of the SIMOPRIME switchgear according to IEC 62271-200

Internal arc classification
Classification IAC
– Front Type A
– Rear Type A
– Lateral Type A
Test current KA 25/31.5/40
Arc duration Sec0.1/1.0

Construction and design
Partition class PM (metallic partition)
Loss of service continuity category LSC2B (metal-clad)
Compartment accessibility (standard)
– Busbar compartment Tool-based
– Switching-device compartment Interlock-controlled
– Low-voltage compartment Tool-based
– Connection compartment
– Front connection Interlock-controlled and
– Rear connection Tool-based


Switching-device compartment

  • All switching operations with high-voltage door closed
  • Pressure relief upwards
  • Panel powder-coated with epoxy resin
  • Shutter operating mechanisms separately for
    • Busbar compartment
    • Connection compartment
  • Metallic, earthed shutters and partitions ensure partition class PM
  • High-voltage door pressure resistant in the event of internal arcs in the panel
  • Metallic ducts on the side for laying control cables
  • Interlocking between high-voltage door and circuit-breaker truck ensures interlock-based access
  • Option: Test sockets for capacitive voltage detecting system
  • simoprime
  • Switching-device compartment to accommodate components for implementing various panel versions with
    • Vacuum circuit-breaker with or without voltage transformers on the truck
    • Disconnector truck
    • Vacuum-Contactor truck
    • Metering truck

RahimiBusbar compartment

  • Pressure relief upwards and through rear pressure relief duct
  • Option: Busbar transverse partition between panels
  • Busbars made of flat copper, bolted from panel to panel
    • For rated normal currents up to 3600 A
    • Option: Insulated busbars
  • Bolted rear and top covers provide tool-based access
  • Option: Coupling electrode for capacitive voltage detecting system
  • Options: Possibility of installing the following components
    • Voltage transformers
    • Busbar earthing switch
    • Current transformers in the run of busbars
    • simoprime

Connection compartment

  • Pressure relief upwards through rear pressure relief duct
  • Suitable for connection of
    • Single-core XLPE cables up to max. 6 x 500 mm2 per phase
    • Three-core XLPE cables up to max. 3 x 300 mm2 per panel
    • Bars made of flat copper with bushings in a floor cover or fully-insulated bars including floor cover
  • Shutters to be opened separately to permit cable testing
  • Earthing busbar
  • Connection from front or rear
  • Option: Pressure-resistant floor cover
  • Use of ring-core or block-type current transformers
  • Bolted rear covers of the connection compartment provide tool-based access for panels with connection from rear
  • Interlocked high-voltage door and bolted partitions between connection compartment and switching-device compartment provide interlock- based and tool-based access for panels with connection from front
  • simoprime

Low-voltage compartment

  • For accommodation of all protection, control, measuring and metering equipment
  • Partitioned safe-to-touch from the high-voltage part
  • Low-voltage compartment can be removed, bus wires and control cables are plugged in
  • Option: Partition between panels


  • Interlocking conditions are satisfied according to IEC 62271-200 / VDE 0671-200
  • Earthing switch can only be operated with circuit-breaker truck in test position
  • Circuit-breaker truck can only be moved with circuit-breaker “OPEN” and earthing switch “OPEN”
  • Mechanical coding on the circuit-breaker truck prevents insertion of similar circuit breaker trucks for lower rated normal currents into panels with higher rated normal currents
  • Interlocking of high-voltage door against circuit-breaker truck
  • The high-voltage door can only be opened when the circuit-breaker truck is in test position
  • Option: Electromagnetic interlocks


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