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    شرکت الکتروکویر در سال ۱۳۶۱به عنوان سازنده انواع تابلوهای برق فشار ضعیف و متوسط در شهر یزد شروع به فعالیت خود نمود. در خلال سال‌های فعالیت این مجموعه همزمان با همکاری‌های فنی آن با شرکای اروپایی، ضمن کسب اعتماد کارفرمایان در مگاپروژه‌های ملی و ایجاد همکاری‌های بلند مدت با ایشان موفق به تحقق امر صادرات و ایجاد کارخانه‌جات تولیدی خود در خارج از کشور گردید. امروز این شرکت در حالی با بیش از ۴۰۰ نیروی متخصص در کارخانه ای به وسعت ۲۵۰۰۰ مترمربع مطابق با به‌روزترین دستورالعمل‌های ایزو، کنترل کیفیت و محیط زیست در حال اجرای بسیاری از پروژه های جاری کشور می‌باشد که موفق به برداشتن گام‌هایی عملی جهت تولید و تامین کلیه تجهیزات برقی مورد نیاز پروژه‌ها شده است.
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    شرکت الکتروکویر با هدف تولید محصولات با کیفیت، ارتقا بهره‌وری تولید و همچنین افزایش ایمنی محیط کار، کارخانه خود را با بروزترین ماشین آلات تولیدی مطابق با بازیگران مطرح بین المللی این حوزه تجهیز نموده ‌است. قرارگیری این کارخانه در شهرک صنعتی یزد به فاصله ۱۰ کیلومتر از فرودگاه بین المللی یزد علاوه بر تسهیل امر بازدید از کارخانه، موجب به حداقل رسیدن فاصله این کارخانه تا سایت‌های صنعتی و متعاقباً کاهش ریسک‌ها و هزینه‌های حمل و نقل گردیده است. علاوه بر آن، جهت تسریع فرایند تولید در زمان پروژه تیم‌های فنی و مهندسی، خدمات پس از فروش و تحقیق و توسعه نیز در کنار واحدهای مرتبط با تولید در کارخانه مستقر گردیده‌اند. فضای فعلی کارخانه به وسعت ۲۵۰۰۰ مترمربع شامل بخش‌های زیر می‌باشد: - سالن آهنگری به همراه ماشین ‌الات اتوماتیک CNC - خط رنگ الکترواستاتیکی - سالن مونتاژ تابلوهای فشار ضعیف - سالن مونتاژ تابلوهای فشار متوسط - شمش کشی و تراشکاری - انبار
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Message from management

Providing reliable services and products in the field of production and supply of all kinds of electrical panels is one of the critical links in the supply chain of industrial projects in the country, which has gained double importance in recent years due to the accumulation of development projects and the need for their immediate supply. In addition to this, the dangers of life and economic losses caused by the use of low-quality equipment have become more apparent than ever before to the caring owners and trustees of large industries and businesses.

Health, safety and environment


Activities in the field of HSE (safety, health and environment):

In order to improve the level of personnel health and safety as much as possible in the working environment, the HSE unit of Electro Desert Company has started its activity in this complex since 2008. In this regard, for the most effective activity of the department of safety, occupational health and environmental management in Electrokvir company, the requirements of ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 standards have been implemented and also monitoring and control of cases beyond the mentioned standards has been done. The summary of the performance reports of this unit according to the available documents is as follows:

Continuous improvement of quality, environment, safety and health in all areas, processes and services and systems

- Compilation of guidelines and implementation methods in the field of HSE by separating the performance of each process, equipment, machinery, etc.
- Implementation of operational control and periodical visits and registration of documents and completion of checklists
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Energy efficiency

- Using modern technology to reduce water, electricity and gas consumption
- Managing the use of different fuels with the least environmental pollution
- Increasing the proposals received in line with energy management in the proposal system committee
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Increasing the level of preparedness against emergency situations, environment and safety

- Conducting more than 40,000 hours of training courses to react in emergency situations
- Identifying emergency situations with greater severity and probability of occurrence in the organization and holding annual maneuvers

Modifying and preparing facilities, equipment and infrastructures to make the work environment ergonomic

- Conducting more than 1000 hours of computer ergonomics training course for office personnel
- Conducting more than 5000 person hours of ergonomics training course with equipment for production personnel
- Improving the conditions of the working environment in terms of improving ergonomics and...

Measuring the harmful factors of the work environment

- Due to the importance of the health and well-being of the personnel during the period of activity in this organization, factors such as exposure to chemical vapors and dust have been completely eliminated.
- Improvement of lighting in all units of the organization
- 87% reduction in exposure to sound in production units
- The use of chemical raw materials with the lowest level of risk
- 90% reduction in the amount of hard and harmful factors in this organization
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Periodic examinations

- Holding periodical examinations on an annual basis and conducting full tests for all working personnel and trainees
- Analyzing all reports of personnel health files and taking additional measures
- Holding more than 1100 people hours of nutrition training course

Recycling Electrical Panel Components

Scattered Parts

1 - All Sheets and Iron Components
2 - Copper Ingots, Cables, and Copper Lugs
3 - Screws, Nuts, Washers, and More
4 - Current Transformers (CT), Potential Transformers (PT), Bushings, and Insulators
5 - Insulating Fibers
6 - Plastic Washers and Gaskets, IP Rubber Strips, Labels made of materials like Trafolyte, Teflon, and all Plastic and Rubber Components used
7 - Materials Used in Packaging and Transportation, such as: Cardboard, Chipboard, Foam, Plastic, and...

Type - Recyclable - Non-Recyclable

Industrial - Recyclable
Industrial - Recyclable
Industrial - Recyclable
Industrial - Recyclable
Industrial - Recyclable
Industrial - Recyclable
Standard - Recyclable

Disposal Method

In accordance with the implementing method of the organization and the laws of the relevant province or country.
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