Oil and Gas Projects

پروژه های نفت و گاز

پروژه های اجرایی نفت و گاز

Oil and Gas Projects refer to initiatives carried out in the extraction, production, refining, transportation, storage, and distribution of crude oil and natural gas. These projects span various stages of the energy supply chain, encompassing diverse activities such as well drilling, construction of refineries, establishment of pipeline networks, manufacturing of oil and gas equipment, and activities related to the oil and gas industry.

Due to the paramount importance of the oil and gas industry in global energy supply, economic development, and economic exports in many countries, these projects hold special significance. They may include projects related to the extraction of crude oil and natural gas from underground reservoirs, development and optimization projects for refineries, structures for the transportation of oil and gas, as well as research projects in the fields of innovation and technology improvement in the oil and gas sector.