after sales service

after sales service

The after-sales service unit of Electrokvir Company provides the following services with the aim of satisfying the demands, generalizing the opinions, attracting and increasing the satisfaction of customers:

Performing requested repairs and changes and periodic services
Replacing and updating panels (Retrofit)
Supervision (implementation) of installation
Supply of spare parts


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ElectroKavir Company doesn’t perceive its primary objective as sales; instead, it regards the sale of products as the initiator of long-term relationships with its customers. In pursuit of this goal, it has organized an after-sales service unit, prepared to provide services to customers to offer optimal services to buyers of its products.

We believe that after-sales services foster customer loyalty and repeat purchases, thereby leading to profitability.

In the realm of providing after-sales services, there are many objectives, including customer sustainability. Every company must consider the following factors when choosing its strategy. These factors, known in strategic management as the seven keys to famous service strategies, include:

  1. Understanding customers and market needs.
  2. Identifying factors that create value for customers.
  3. Clarifying the organization’s purpose and motivation from customer satisfaction evaluations.
  4. Systems and processes used in addressing customer complaints to increase satisfaction and achieve specified goals.
  5. Methods for fostering customer loyalty.
  6. Management of service employees and their interaction with customers.
  7. How service management is depicted in the organization’s future.

The customer service unit, considering the above factors and the company’s current status to achieve the organization’s vision and goals, must select the following strategies that are suitable for the organization’s current needs.

The primary services of this unit include:

  1. Conducting training courses at the company or on-site.
  2. Providing services in the event of an incident.
  3. Supplying spare parts and special panel tools.
  4. Supplying panel components.
  5. Performing updates on old panels (Retrofit).
  6. Repairing panels and re-glazing installed cells.
  7. Making changes and additions to feeders, cells, and new panels after financial load approval.
  8. Supervising installation and commissioning.
  9. Configuring protective relays and performing settings based on provided information.
  10. Testing and commissioning of panels.
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