Electro Kavir industrial group

Manufacturer and Assembler of Power Factor Correction Systems Equipment
Year of Establishment: 1375
Manufacturer of low and medium pressure bus ducts with Italian megabar technology
Year of establishment: 1377
Niro's 1st rank contractor
Year of establishment: 1377
Supplier of all kinds of home automation equipment with AVE brand in Italy
Year of establishment: 1380
Manufacturer of all types of UPS and Battery Charger with P.K.C type technology tested in the Italian CESI laboratory
Year of establishment: 1383
Integrator of automation systems (PDCS, DCS, SCADA) with German Siemens technology
Year of establishment: 1387
Manufacturer of all kinds of compact posts and customized boards
Year of establishment: 1389
شرکت سانا ایساتیس
Manufacturer of all types of current and voltage transformers and supplier of DC switchboards with Monte ELe technology in Italy
Year of establishment: 1390
Supplier of all types of passive network equipment
Year of establishment: 2015
شرکت مهام تجهیز سپند​
Supplier of Cooling Systems and Pump Startup Services
Year of Establishment: 1398
شرکت کیمیا مس تابان کویر
Manufacturer of Copper Ingots
Year of establishment: 2018
Supplier of refrigeration systems and pump starters
Year of establishment: 2018
Manufacturer of Electric Motorcycles and Electric Scooters
Year of establishment: 2018
شرکت پستیژ

Pisteej Company

Production, Processing, and Packaging of Pistachios
Year of establishment: 1399
شرکت فردادگستر انرژی کویر

Fardadgostar Energy Kavir Company

Supplier and Assembler of Fire and Gas (F&G) Systems
Year of establishment: 1400
شرکت مهندسین مشاور آرا تدبیر

Ara Tadbir Consulting Engineers Company

Basic and Detailed Engineering Studies
Year of establishment: 1400
شرکت آرمان تدبیر کویر

Arman Tadbir Kavir Company

Designer and Developer of New Products (R&D)
Year of establishment: 1401
شرکت پترو فرآیند کویر

Petro Farayand Kavir Company

Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Contracting
Year of establishment: 1401

Electro Kavir Company, with the aim of producing high-quality products, improving production efficiency, and enhancing workplace safety, has equipped its factory with the latest production machinery in line with international industry leaders. The location of this factory in the Yazd Industrial Park, 10 kilometers from Yazd International Airport, not only facilitates visits to the factory but also minimizes the distance between the factory and industrial sites, consequently reducing risks and transportation costs. Additionally, to expedite the production process during projects, technical and engineering teams, after-sales services, and research and development units have been established alongside the production units in the factory. The current space of the factory covers an area of 25,000 square meters and includes the following sections:

گروه صنعتی الکتروکویر
گروه صنعتی الکتروکویر
  • Blacksmithing Hall with CNC Automatic Machines
  • Electrostatic Color Coating Line
  • Low Voltage Panel Assembly Hall
  • Medium Voltage Panel Assembly Hall
  • Copper Ingots Drawing and Machining
  • Warehouse