Electro Kavir industrial group

Farakoh Company

Manufacturer and supplier of all items related to Power Factor modification with German FRAKO technology
Year of establishment: 1375

Lena Yazd Company

Manufacturer of low and medium pressure bus ducts with Italian megabar technology
Year of establishment: 1377

Rasm Ara Company

Niro's 1st rank contractor
Year of establishment: 1377

Paes Kavir Yazd Company

Supplier of all kinds of home automation equipment with AVE brand in Italy
Year of establishment: 1380

Pars Kavir Arvand

Manufacturer of all types of UPS and Battery Charger with P.K.C type technology tested in the Italian CESI laboratory
Year of establishment: 1383

Energy Kavir Paya

Integrator of automation systems (PDCS, DCS, SCADA) with German Siemens technology
Year of establishment: 1387

Kian Isatis Pars

Manufacturer of all kinds of compact posts and customized boards
Year of establishment: 1389

Sana Isatis Company

Manufacturer of all types of current and voltage transformers and supplier of DC switchboards with Monte ELe technology in Italy
Year of establishment: 1390

Partosan Company

Manufacturer of LED and CFL lamps with Spanish Star Light technology
Year of establishment: 1391

Mandegar Tajhiz Iranian Company

Supplier of all types of measuring equipment with Slovenian ISKRA technology exclusively in Iran
Year of establishment: 2015

Pishro Tajhiz Bargh Raika Company

Supplier of all types of passive network equipment
Year of establishment: 2015

Maham Tajhiz Sepand Company

Supplier of refrigeration systems and pump starters
Year of establishment: 2018

GSEA Company

Manufacturer of electric motorcycles and electric scooters
Year of establishment: 2019

Fardad Gostar Energy KAvir Company

Design, Engineering, Supply, Integration, install and Commissioning of All Automatic Fire Alarm, F&G and Fire Fighting Systems, Fire and Safety equipments
Year of establishment: 2020

Pisteej Company

Pistachio production and packaging
Year of establishment: 2019