Isfahan Metro Line 1

1 مترو اصفهان

The proposal to build a metro in Isfahan was raised earlier than in any other city in Iran, even as early as 1340. At that time, it was planned for Isfahan International Airport to be connected to Fooladshahr County and then to the Isfahan Steel Mill, but this plan was never implemented.

In 1355, Swedish consultants from Volvo presented the first comprehensive transportation plan for the city of Isfahan. Then, in 1359 after the Islamic Revolution, the Management and Planning Organization conducted comprehensive transportation studies for Isfahan.

In this plan, during the first phase, research and studies were conducted with the participation of Pacific Kumagai Consulting Engineers. In 1363, transportation and suburban studies limited to the Zayandehrood Industrial Zone were conducted by the Mobarakeh Steel Company and Isfahan University of Technology.

Between 1366 and 1369, comprehensive transportation studies for Isfahan were also conducted under the management of the Planning and Budget Organization by Isfahan University of Technology.

Apart from the Azadi Station, which is shared with Line 1, other stations are currently in the design phase.

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