Power Plant


Ardebil Power Plant

Ardabil gas power plant includes four gas units with a capacity of 157.5 MW (630 MW in total) in ISO conditions, in which four V94.2 gas turbine units are used....


Behbahan Power Plant

Behbahan combined cycle power plant with a nominal capacity of 492 megawatts, has 2 gas units and one steam unit and is under the ownership of Ghadir Khuzestan Electricity Company.

پره سر

Paresar Power Plant

Pere Sar power plant is the first combined cycle power plant of the private sector in the country. This power plant has a capacity of 968 megawatts in ISO conditions...

پارس جنوبی

South Pars Power Plant

Gas power plant with a capacity of 6 x 160 megawatts and other auxiliary units


Asalouyeh Power Plant

“Mapna Asaloueh Power Generation Company” was established with the aim of building, developing and operating Asaloueh gas power plant with a capacity of 942 megawatts located in Bushehr province. This...