Firoozkooh Cement


Firoozkooh Cement

Given the urgent need of the Islamic Republic of Iran for cement to foster industrial and economic growth and to improve the living standards of the people in the region by creating employment opportunities, and considering the presence of limestone and marl mines in this region of the country, Firouzkouh Cement Production Company, a subsidiary of Seidco Holding (Investment and Development of Cement Industries Company), was established on a 40,000 square meter land at kilometer 10 of the Firouzkouh road to Qaemshahr in 1381 (2002). Due to the extensive dimensions of the project and the necessity of executing it as an independent legal entity, this company was registered on 27/03/1381 (2002) under No. 230 at the Companies Registration Office. The project’s operational activities commenced with an initial capital of 1,000,000,000 Rials on the first of Esfand month in 1382 (2003) and became operational in Mehr month of 1385 (2006).

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